Retractables Part 3

February 27, 2015

Retractables Part 3: Retractable Arm Awning

One of the most popular retractable awnings out there, the retractable arm awning is a great way to add shade when you want or need it. Here at American Awning we carry arm awnings made by SunSolutions and Stobag. The upside to these types of systems is that there is very little framework necessary. For most small to medium sized awnings there are only two arms. These arms have “elbows” that simply open up until the awning has reached the desired projection.

Models such as the SunSolutions Deluxe or the Stobag Select Ombramatic come in projections up to 12 or 13 feet and widths up to 40 feet. 


Retractable Arm Awning


Stobag Stoboscopic Awning

What about if you need protection from above AND from the side? Some models can carry a drop shade like the awning you see pictured.

We have models available in both hand cranked and motorized versions depending on your budget and needs. Motorized options can be programmed to be retracted with remote controls, wall switches, or even smart phones.

Some models are available in four frame colors: white, ivory, sand, and bronze. Need a different color? No problem, custom colors are available.

Need something with a larger projection? No problem, telescopic models such as the Stobag Select Stoboscope can extend as far as 16½ feet in projection and up to 38 feet in width.

When retracted, the beauty of these awnings is that there is very little to see. No framework, no steel posts, or cables: just a roller with a valance hanging from it. Hoods can be added to help protect the fabric from the elements when the awning is retracted and for those who don’t want to see the roller.


Stobag Select with a Retractable Drop Shade

So what’s the downside you ask? The retractable arm awning’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Remember how we said there is very little framework? That means that these units are not meant to be used in rainy, windy conditions. Their arms bend and break in those types of conditions. If you need an all weather solution, don’t despair, we’ll be discussing products for just that purpose very soon in this space.