Accent Your Vintage Home with an Awning

February 1, 2016

​With vintage homes, adding modern things might diminish the authentic feel of the house. However, there is one thing you can do to accentuate your vintage home; add an awning. Awnings have been around since, well, the ancient Egyptian and Roman times. How’s that for classic?
​Do you live in a beautiful vintage home? Is it made of bricks? Does it have a stunning veranda and that classic look? While you may not own something like the Larkin House in California, you might own something just as beautiful. But, one of the challenges vintage home-owners tend to face is how to accent their houses and still keep that authentic look.
​If you’ve looked at old photographs and even classic films, you will see awnings were quite the fad in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In fact, awnings are still a fad today! You see them shading customers and businesses and on homes.

​For vintage homes, using an awning can really bring out that classic look. Especially if you use the right colors and style. Remember, not all awnings come in the same shape or size… In fact if you visit, you’ll get a crash course on what awnings are and how they differ in shape and size.

If used right, an awning can really add a sense of class and style to your vintage home. Here are some things to consider when thinking about installing an awning on your vintage house: 

  • Style: Choose the right style for your vintage home. This requires that you know what era your home was built in and what the fashion and fads of that time were.
  • Color: Choose a color scheme that matches your vintage home. Don’t just put up a random color, this can really clash with your home’s look.
  • Location: Remember, not all awnings have to go on the front porch or the backyard. Awning can go on windows or over doorways.
  • Materials: Awning frames and fabrics come in different types of materials. Depending on your home’s style, using an aluminum frame or other kind of fabric will make a difference in the way the awning will make your home look.
​Remember, consulting with an interior/exterior/home décor designer will really help you in choosing the right location, color, and style. Awnings are a great addition to any vintage home as long as it’s done right. Remember, awnings not only add flare and character to your home, but they also provide shade and protection from the elements.
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