Accenting your Outdoor Dining Area

August 30, 2016

​The look of an outdoor dining area is just as important as the aesthetics of the inside of your business or home. Sometimes we forget that accents and decorations make a difference in the ambience and experience your guests have while enjoying their meals.
It’s easy enough to set up some tables and chairs, throw an awning or other shade structure over the area and be done with it. But remember, that’s just the beginning. The outdoor dining area can include some pretty creative decorations including:

  • Curtains
  • Drop Screens
  • Pergolas (these are excellent for outdoor dining areas because you can grow plants and vines on them and really enhance your guest’s experience).
  • Plants/Flowers
    • Think large potted floral arrangements.
  • Accents like:
    • Clocks
    • Fountains
    • Vases
    • Artwork (statues, etc…)​
  • Table Accents Including:
    • Center Pieces
    • Decorated Plates and Napkins
    • Tasteful Plate Setups (Think fine dining).
    • Table Cloths
    • Chair Covers
  • Fire Pits/Candles
    • Think either a central fire pit location or even fire lamps.
    • Candles on the table or in candle holders can really light up the evening.
​Using a combination of decorations and table accents, you can create an outdoor dining area that will leave an impression. Remember, the experience counts a lot toward a customer’s satisfaction and if you provide the décor and the ambience along with the excellent food and service, you’re set to do well. 
​Outdoor dining is a great way to generate extra revenue or impress your guests. Keeping the area decorated, clean, and beautiful is important. Don’t let the leaves build up or the dirt get into the nooks and crannies. And remember, keep the theme of your business in mind when you’re decorating, you don’t want your outdoor dining area to look like a desert while the inside of your restaurant looks like a European getaway. 

​​Finally, keep in mind that decorating your outdoor dining area is a great activity for you and your employees. Getting them involved in the process is a nice way to include their input and show them you value their ideas; it’s an excellent team building activity. 

​Now that you know a little more about decorating and accenting your outdoor dining area, let us know how we can help you. For more information about awnings and shade structures contact American Awning & Blind Co. today. You can also visit us at Or call us at 800-654-5933. Or email us at