Adding Curtains and Drop Screens to your Awning

October 12, 2016

​Normally, when we think of awnings we imagine a fixed shade structures. However, awnings have evolved from a stationary post and fabric design to a plethora of options. Today, awnings offer a variety of frames, textiles, designs, and add-ons like curtains and drop screens.
​So what exactly are curtains and drop screens when it comes to awnings? Well, they are specially created shade options that can be added to most awning structures. For example, a fixed awning at a restaurant or business provides shade from above. But, adding curtains or drop screens provide further shade and privacy for guests and diners. These curtains and drops screens are attached to the awning ad can be retractable or fixed. Retractable screens and curtains are versatile in that you can pull them back or up whenever you want or as the weather requires.

Retractable Awnings with Retractable Valances


Awning with Drop Curtains

​Here is a quick list of some of the features curtains and drop screens offer:
·      Privacy
·      Ambiance
·      Shade
·      Protection from inclement weather
·      Aesthetic enhancement
​Curtains and drop screens are an excellent addition to any restaurant or hotel utilizing awnings. Extra add-ons like curtains and drop screens can really help your business stand out from the competition. Your guests and diners will feel the difference in ambiance and style.

​Remember, awnings can be more than just a structure, they can enhance the look and environment of your business. Talk to your local shop today to see how you can add these excellent shade enhancement options to your awning. 


Drop Screen

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