Awning Customer Service: Things You Should Know

September 22, 2016

​We all know that excellent customer service is essential when it comes to doing business. As customers expect to be treated well and have our questions answered. In the awning industry or in any business for that matter, customer service is more than essential, it’s the lifeline of the transaction and future business.
​As awning customers, we want to be sure our provider is selling us more than just a smile and a handshake. We want to know that our provider is fair, knowledgeable and available. Here are some things you should know when it comes to finding the right awning provider and what to look for in the customer service provided:
  • Knowledge: make sure your awning provider knows about the product they are selling; you’d be surprised to find out some places don’t fully understand their own products! And remember, your awning provider should also be able to tell you how to take care of and clean your product.
  • Availability: this is important especially because installing an awning requires attention to detail and if you have questions, your provider should be available to answer them. If you’re getting a busy dial every time you call or no one calls you back, that’s not good customer service. 
  • Quality: you want to be sure your awning provider is giving you quality products as well as service. Make sure your awning provider is selling you the right awning for your needs.
  • Timeliness: if your awning provider takes too much time to install an awning or lags on drawing up plans for your project, that’s not quality customer service. 
​Remember, an awning is an investment and protects not just your home or office but your family or guests. That’s why it’s important to have a good relationship with your awning provider who also demonstrates excellent customer service. 
​Now that you know a little more about customer service in the awning industry, let us know how we can help you. For more information about awnings and shade structures contact American Awning & Blind Co. today. You can also visit us at Or call us at 800-654-5933. Or email us at