Awning Fabric Replacement: What is it?

April 17, 2017


​Awnings are excellent addition any home, office, or business. In fact, awnings save you on energy costs, shield you from harmful UV rays, and act as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your building. But what happens when your awning starts to age and you’ve used it beyond its intended lifespan? You might be thinking, it’s costly to replace the whole thing so what can you do?
The solution is simple, replace the fabric and spruce up the frame. So what does that mean? It’s straightforward. Your awning is made up of parts and those parts can be replaced and fixed up. So what are the different components of your awning that can be replaced? The fabric and some of the aging hardware, including mounts. 


If your frame is still in good condition, but just a little rusty and scratched, then it’s still useable and you don’t need to replace the whole thing. The fabric of your awning is also easily replaced. This means that your awning’s fabric can be removed and a brand new, updated look, style, and color can be added without the extra cost of replacing the whole awning.
So, what are some of the things you should ask or think about when considering awning fabric replacement? Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Is your awning’s fabric torn? Faded? Old?
  • Is the fabric falling off or tearing away from the frame?
  • Does your fabric have mold or mildew growing on it?
  • Is your fabric no longer water resistant?

​If you answered yes to some of or most of these questions, then it’s time to replace your awning fabric. Remember, you don’t have to spend an arm-and-a-leg installing a new awning when you can simply replace the fabric.
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