Awning Fabric Replacement: What you Need to Know

December 21, 2017

​When it comes to your awning and replacing it, you should know that you have the money-saving option of just replacing the structure’s fabric. In fact, this is a common way that most homeowners and businesses can extend the life of their shade structure. 


​But, what does awning fabric replacement even mean? For starters, it’s as simple as it sounds. Here’s a quick list of what you really need to know:
·      Frame: As long as the frame of your awning is in good working order and not rusted to uselessness, you can keep it! This means that you don’t have to replace it and can save some money. You can also have the frame restored with a new coat of paint and new parts like screws and connectors. Remember, always inspect your frame for any problems so you can fix them before they get out of hand. 
·      Fabric: The fabric of your awning is inevitably the first thing that gets worn. Remember, it’s outside 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. This means, after a few years, the fabric will lose its color, can get damaged by debris or the weather, and can tear. That’s why it’s important you inspect it often and make sure that you clean it. The fabric of your awning is a specialty textile and is designed to last but, like most things and time, it will deteriorate. 
·      How it Works: Basically, your installer will come and remove the old awning fabric without taking down your frame. He will inspect the structure to be sure there are no hidden damages or problems. Then he will bring a new fabric, of your choice, and replace your old textile. Remember, you can change the color and style of your fabric. 

Picture…and after.

​​Awning fabric replacement is pretty straightforward and if done right, can add a new look to your home or business without having to spend a whole lot on installing a new shade structure. Keep in mind, using high quality textiles in your awning is one way to help it last. Not all fabrics are the same, so talk to your installer about your options before you make a decision. 

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