Awning Parts: Understanding your Shade Structure

April 4, 2017

​When it comes to shade structures, sometimes we forget that these are just simple constructions of textiles and frames. Awnings, for example, are not as complicated to build or construct as one might think.


​When awnings were first constructed in ancient times, they were just poles – made of wood – and cotton or linen fabric put tied together. Today, awnings are basically constructed the same way. However, there are now more awning options and a variety of frames, fabrics, and parts that you can choose from. But first, before diving into choosing an awning, let’s discuss awning parts, what they are, and how to understand them. Here’s a list of the basic awning parts and what they are:

  • Frame: This holds the textile of the awning in place. These can be made from metals like aluminum.
  • Fabric: these are specially designed textiles for the outdoors and come in a variety of colors and types including acrylic, polyester, and vinyl.
  • Poles: These are for windows, patios, backyards, or decks. The poles hold the awning frame in place.
  • Mounting Brackets: These are used to mount the frame of the awning to the building.
  • Accessories: Awnings can be accentuated with accessories like valances, retractable options, fixed options, drop screens, drop curtains, and more. 


​​Understanding the basic parts of an awning structure and how they work is important when you’re about to purchase one. After all, installing an awning is an investment that needs to be considered carefully. You want to know what you’re installing, how long it will last, and what each part is for so that you know how to take care of it and ensure it will stand the test of time. 

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