Awning Valances: What are They?

April 27, 2017

​Awnings, we know these are shade structures that cover you and your loved ones from the harmful UV rays of the sun. We know that awnings are constructed from specialty fabrics and a frame. But did you know that an awning can also come with a valance?

PictureSpear Awning with a Soft Scalloped Valance

​But, before we dive further into this article, let’s define what an awning valance is:
Awning valances are short pieces of fabric – the same color/pattern of the awning textile – that hangs from the edge/frame of the shade structure. Awning valances can be rigid or loose. (Hard or Soft valance). What does this mean?
·      Hard valances are framed with steel so they have a straight, taut look. These types of valances are great for restaurants and storefronts.
·      Soft valances hang loosely from the frame and move with the wind; these also come with a cutout pattern known as a scallop. These are great for homes and offices. It’s really up to you and what your design calls for. 

PictureAwning with a Rigid Valance and Graphics

​​So why would you consider using a valance for your awning? Style is one thing that comes to mind. With a valance, you can set your awning apart from other shade structures by giving it flare. It’s also a matter of taste, some people like framing their awnings with a valance because it gives the shade structure a sense of dimension.
When it comes to soft valances, you can play with the cutout styles. The scallop of the soft valance can be shaped in pretty much any pattern you want as long as your awning shop has the ability to customize your order. Remember, awnings are more than just shades, they are versatile and can be printed on, added to with valances, and more. 

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