Awnings are More than Just Shade

July 7, 2015

So a lot of us think that an awning is just another shade structure. But in reality, it’s more than that. Awnings are a lot more versatile and creative than what we traditionally think of them being as. When you think about the versatility of the awning and the fact that it is an energy saving extension to your home, it’s quite interesting.

Retractable Awning for a Restaurant

For example, awnings can be made retractable or fixed, or created as a type of shutter system. They also come in a variety of specialty fabrics. You have choices. Awnings can also be great for your business and provide a revenue source by extending your dining area/space and adding more tables. 

For businesses, adding an awning that you can enclose with clear vinyl – it’s like creating windows – can create an intimate, outdoor space that guests can enjoy. Also, remember, awnings don’t have to look like your early 1900s outdoor shop overhang; the awning has evolved to include a variety of shapes, sizes and so much more.


Drop Curtains for a Restaurant Patio


Shade Sail Canopy

Today, the awning can be something creative like a shade sail which isn’t exactly an awning but a kind of exterior architectural piece that not only provides shade, but an aesthetically pleasing adddtion to your building, business or home.

Also, awnings extend your home’s living area. Awnings create an outdoor living space that you can use for not only barbeques and get togethers, but for lounging and relaxing. 


Retractable Patio Awning

So you see, the awning is a lot more than just something that provides shade for you and your family in your backyard; it’s a versatile extension to a building that can be:

  • A source of revenue for businesses
  • Space for advertising
  • An architectural addition 
  • Shade 
  • An extension of your living space

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