Awnings & Energy Bills: How these Shade Structures Can Help

May 6, 2017

​Summer is just around the corner and cranking up the air conditioner and running up those energy bills is also just a stone’s throw away. So, what can you do to help keep your power bill down.

PictureRetractable Awning with a Retractable Valance

​​Some people say you should just set your unit to 78 degrees, and while this is a great recommendation, there are other ways you can keep your energy bill down. For starters, you can keep your curtain closed to help keep out unwanted solar heat gain. You can also turn on fans and open windows. But, there is also another way you can cut the cost of your energy bill down: install an awning. 

PictureSlide Wire Awnings

​So how can investing in an awning reduce your energy bill? You might be thinking, it will cost more than your summer bill to install one. Well, the answers are simple:
·      Awnings last for a long, long time and result in year-round savings.
·      Awnings on windows reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65 percent on south-facing windows and 77 percent on west-facing windows!
·      Awnings can cut your energy bill by keeping your home naturally cool by blocking out the sun. You could save up to $200 annually, according to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association. (PAMA).
·      Remember, using an awning in combination with window treatments, drop screens, and other shade structures is also another way to keep your energy bill down

PicturePatio Cover

​​And, when in doubt about awnings and what they can do for you, remember you can always do some research and look at information provided by organizations including PAMA. You can also contact your local awning shop and ask them about any concerns you might have. 

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