Awnings for your Business or Home: What you Need to Know

January 5, 2018

​Awnings are a great way to spruce up and add value to your building. Here’s a quick look at what you should know when it comes to an awning for your home or business:

PicturePatio Awning at Faith & Flower

Awnings for Business:
·      Bigger: Awnings for your business tend to be larger simply because the shaded area is larger than your average home’s front or backyard.
·      Expands Dining or Lounge Area: For restaurants, awnings can expand the footprint of your business and create revenue generating space. This is a great way to invest in your business and see a return on that money. For businesses that don’t offer dining experiences, you can expand your lounging area and offer guests an outdoor experience. 

PictureDrop Curtains at PS 818

​·      Can be Modified with Curtains & Enclosures: Drop screens, curtains, vinyl enclosures, and other types of modifications can be made to your business’ awning. Enclosures can offer outdoor guests and diners protection from inclement weather. Curtains and drop screens also offer added shade and protection from the sun. Modifications to your awning can add a level of class that your competition might not have.
·      Graphic Printing: Using a logo or other graphic printed on your awning is a great way to advertise your business without buying ad spots in newspapers, radio, or television commercials. In fact, graphic printing on your awning is a great way to attract foot and car traffic.
·      Added Visibility: An awning can be a stunning visual experience that can make your business visible from afar. Visibility is a key component in attracting customers to your business. (Think of those awnings that incorporate design elements, like layers, curves, colors, and shapes; how much more are you going to notice something like that versus a business with just a marquee sign?). 

PictureBalcony Canopy & Freestanding Cabana

Awnings for Home:
·      Smaller: Awnings for your home tend to be smaller than for businesses because the coverage area is much less.
·      Expands Backyard Lounging Area: An awning can expand your backyard lounge area and allow you some creative space. You can add chairs, dining tables, couches, and other fun things you and your family can enjoy.
·      Can be Modified with Drop Screens: You can add drop screens and curtains to give your backyard awning area a more intimate, enclosed feel. It’s like creating an outdoor room.
·      Adds Value: An awning, when kept up and maintained, can add value to your home. It’s an investment that also protects and shades your home and can help you save on cooling costs in the summer by reducing your home’s solar heat gain. 

​Now that you know the differences between home and business awnings, talk to your local professional about installing one today. For more information about awnings, feel free to contact us at American Awning & Blind Co. by visiting us at Or call us at 800-654-5933. You can also email us at