Backyard Holiday Decorations: Some Ideas

December 2, 2016

​The holidays are just around the corner: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. There’s a lot of preparation to be done and hams and turkeys to cook. As we all prepare ourselves for the onslaught of family and food, let’s remember, your backyard is a great place you can usher your guests to. Your backyard is an extension of your home and is a place where guests can enjoy a fun outdoor environment. 
The trick to creating this backyard outdoor holiday oasis is decoration. Your backyard can be spruced up with not just furniture, but with festive pieces of décor. Here’s a quick list of things you can do or use to transform your backyard into a holiday fun zone:

  • Thanksgiving Decorations
    • Turkey Leaves: use leaves as the feathers of the turkey and create fun little backyard turkeys using cotton balls and eyes you can find at a craft store.
    • Pumpkins & Persimmons: place these tasty things around the backyard along with corn stalks to create a Thanksgiving themed ambiance.
  • Christmas Lights/Decorations
    • Candy Cane Croquet: try setting up a game of croquet with candy cane colored pieces.
    • Garlands & Ornaments: use garlands and ornaments to dress windows and doorways.
  • Fire Pits: try putting in a small fire pit you can buy from the store and enjoy roasting marshmallows with the family.
  • Fire Lamps/Torches: place these around your outdoor dining area and create a nice lighted, and warm, ambience that guests can enjoy. (Just remember to be fire safe!).
  • Hanging Lights from Trees: try using lights you can hang from trees to create a lighted Christmas tree decoration. (Just be sure to be fire safe!).
  • Backyard Christmas Tree: put your Christmas tree in the backyard.
  • Awning Lights: hang lights from your awning and create a doorway to your backyard. This can be more than an illuminating experience… 

​Really, there are several things you can do to your backyard to create a themed holiday party. It’s not always just about the food. Sometimes creating a backyard oasis of holiday fun is more memorable. Keep in mind, if you have an awning or other shade structure installed, you can decorate it with garlands, ornaments, and other holiday themed items.
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