Commercial Awnings: Why Bother? 

March 5, 2017

​As a business owner, you’re always worried about the bottom line. You’re looking at where to cut costs and where to spend. You’re thinking about what will help your business grow. That’s where a commercial awning comes in. It’s something we don’t think about as business owners and it’s certainly not something we’d consider as a moneymaker. But here’s the thing…


Commercial awnings offer more than just electric bill saving shade. They offer a canvas for your business and an aesthetic for your business that sets you apart from the competition. But what does this all really mean? Here’s a quick list of things of why you should you bother thinking about installing a commercial awning:
·      Advertising Potential: Commercial awnings offer you a canvas space where you can print your logo, message, or business name for everyone to see. The fixed awning will always be there and won’t cost you a monthly fee like some ads do. This fixed ad will be there, rain or shine, working for you to get customers through your door.
·      Standing Out: Commercial awnings come different shapes and sizes, colors, and designs. With the right touch, you can make your business stand out from the rest. Imagine your logo or design popping off a beautiful blue fabric while your competition has nothing to show. Commercial awnings are a simple, effective, and creative way to advertise your business and stand out from the crowd.
·      Shade: This is the most obvious benefit of a commercial awning. Shade can provide guests a reason to come in, reduce your energy bills, and protect your customers from UV rays.


​Commercial awnings are great for restaurants, shops, and clothing stores as well as other businesses. With the right design, color, and flare, a commercial awning can dress up your business and make it look appealing. Eye-catching designs are a great way to boost customer traffic through your door.
Remember, consult your local awning shop for more information about the types and styles of commercial awnings available today. Not all commercial awnings need to be fixed shade structures. Some can be retractable. Some can have added features like drop screens or curtains – these are especially well suited for restaurants. 

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