Converting Existing Outdoor Dining Areas for Long Term Use

July 13, 2021

It’s time! We’re reopening! The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we do business and how we think about our space. Many restaurants and businesses converted outdoor areas into temporary dining space and areas for customers to utilize during the pandemic. So, now that we’re reopening and, hopefully, back to normal for good, what do you do with your temporary outdoor spaces? Our suggestion? Don’t furl them! Keep them for the long term and expand your business’ ability to generate sales!
Right now, you probably have a popup tent or other temporary shade structure in your parking lot or by the side of your restaurant or business. While these are great spots, you’re going to need to move these areas now that your indoor dining is open again. So, how can you convert these temporary outdoor areas into permanent fixtures that expand your business’ footprint? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Install a fixed awning in the front or side of your business, away from the parking lot. You can place chairs and tables under the awning and thus, keep your outdoor dining area open.
  • You can install drop shades or curtains to your awning to create a more intimate feel/space. By installing an awning with drop shades, you’re creating that enclosure in the parking lot you created for the pandemic, but this time, it’s connected to your business, giving the outdoor area a professional look. Your customers will remember the beautiful space and your business, bringing them back again and again. 
  • Install a Vinyl Enclosure. If you don’t want just an awning, consider a vinyl enclosure. These enclosures are extensions of your business outside. They attach to your restaurant like an added room and create an outdoor dining area you can use year-round. 
  • Customize. You can also call your local shade structure installer (like American Awning and Blind Co. if you’re in the greater Los Angeles area), and ask them how they can help you design something unique for your business. 

​Remember, temporary tents and popup shade structures don’t last the long haul and are difficult to put up every day. Also, in inclement weather, these temporary structures may not withstand high winds and rain. And remember, popups and temporary shade structures can be eyesores for your business. You want something like an awning that matches your business’ theme, colors, and more so that you have a level of professionalism customers will appreciate. 

​Now that you know how you can convert your existing temporary outdoor dining area into a permanent expansion of your business, let us know how we can help you! At
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