Custom Professional Awnings Vs. Online or Store-Bought Awnings

October 28, 2020


Right now, it’s all about saving a buck. However, sometimes saving a dollar now means spending hundreds of dollars later, and in the end, you didn’t save anything at all; you ended up spending more. That’s the case when it comes to professional awnings versus a store-bought or online purchased awning. 
There’s a difference in the quality, installation, and aesthetic of a professional awning over a store-bought one. You might be asking, but aren’t they made the same way? How big could the difference be? Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s a HUGE gap between the two. Here’s a comparison list:
Professional Awnings    

  • The Fabric won’t fade quickly. High quality, professional awning fabrics come with colorfast, anti-tearing, and ripping weaving, are water repellent, mold, and mildew resistant, come with more options for colors and designs, including valances and more. The fabric is also designed to withstand the elements and hold up in sunlight, rain, and wind. 
  • The Frame is made with coatings and designs that make it strong, durable, and long-lasting. Frame options are expanded to include various materials like aluminum, polycarbonate, plastics, and other metals. 
  • The Quality of the awning is superb because it’s designed, installed, and developed to match your home or business’ aesthetics, location, and weather conditions. The quality of your awning makes it last for years and years whereas a cheaper version won’t stand the test of time much less the elements. When you invest in a quality, professional awning, you get longevity, confidence, and more bang for your buck.
  • The Design of a professional awning is rendered, calculated, and developed with all your tastes and needs in mind. The design is meant to enhance your building’s look and feel and add an element to your home or business that stands out and likely increases the value of your structure. 
  • Installation of a professional awning by professionals last longer. Professionals properly measure the tension, weight, length, height, and more of your awning. They also render it to make sure it fits before physical installation occurs. 

Store-Bought Awnings

  • Poor quality fabrics are often used in store-bought awnings and don’t last; you will be replacing your awning sooner rather than later which will cost you more in the long run. Some cheap awnings only last a couple of years or less. The fabrics used aren’t the best on the market and will tear, rip, or grow mold or mildew. Investing in a professional awning will save you all the grief and hassle of replacing an awning for years to come. 
  • Flimsy frames and materials of cheaper, store-bought awnings can cause problems with your shade structure. The frame can break, crack, or worse, just fall apart.    If you install an awning yourself, you run the risk of damaging your building. You also run the risk of improperly installing your awning and thus, damaging it.
  • Poor quality of store-bought awnings includes lack of instructions on installation, poorly constructed frames, and low-quality fabrics. The quality of store-bought awning is much worse than a professionally developed, designed, and installed awning. In the long run, you end up paying more for a store-bought awning than a professional one because of the replacement costs, repairs, and other issues that arise. 
  • The design of a store-bought awning is fixed. You can’t change the colors, the style, or the frame. Whereas with a professional awning, you can have your design rendered and play with your options before you purchase.
  • The installation of a store-bought awning is all on you. That means you have to know how to install an awning, what measurements, angles, and tools are used. Etc. If you mess up, there’s no warranty or policy or person to consult to help you.

As you can see, the differences between store-bought and professional awning are huge. If you invest in a quality, professional awning, you don’t have to worry about the details because your professional has done that for you already. You’ll have the confidence, support, and information you need to ensure your awning lasts with a professional, quality awning manufacturer and installer like us. For more than 100 years, American Awning and Blind Co. has professionally developed, designed, and installed awnings and shade structures in the greater Los Angeles area. Our projects cover home, office, industrial, and business structures. We also help you through the whole process, from design, permitting, architectural rendering, and more. 

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