Different types of curtains for weather protection: drop curtain vs slide track curtain (or traverse curtain)

February 12, 2019

​Curtains for your business or backyard come in various types, colors, and systems. Curtains for weather protection come in two main types: Drop Curtain or Slide Track/Traverse Curtain. The two use the same types of specialty fabric but are operationally different.

PictureDrop Curtain with Vinyl Windows

​​Weather protection curtains are typically made from fabrics that include acrylics, polyvinyl, canvas, and other types of special textiles. The deployment of the curtains can either be “dropped” or slid/traversed; let’s take a quick look at the differences between the two.

PictureDrop Curtain with Vinyl Windows at PS 818

Drop Curtain

  • The curtains in a drop system are literally lowered down to cover the desired area.
  • The curtains are made to be either flat or combined with vinyl windows.
  • The curtains create a solid wall once they are “dropped” down and can be combined with other drop curtains to create a “room” outdoors.
  • Drop curtains can be attached to awnings and other shade structures.
  • The curtains can be rolled up and put out of site.

PictureSlide Track or Traverse Curtains

Slide or Traverse Curtain

  • Much like the curtains you see in your home, slide or traverse curtains are gathered up to the sides and drawn open or closed by using a track or pole as a guide.
  • The curtains slide along the track or traverse along a pole using rings or other hardware that is attached to the cloth of the curtain.
  • The outdoor drop curtains can be designed with folds and other patterns, much like the curtains you see in your home can be.
  • Slide or traverse curtains end up being pulled to the sides, and thus, can be seen when not in use. 

​The above is just a short, basic list of the differences between drop and slide/traverse curtains. For more information bout these two products, contact your local awning shop or let us know how we can help you by visiting us at www.americanawningabc.com.
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