Dogs and Your Backyard: Creating a Pet Playground

September 9, 2019

PictureSlide Wire Mesh Awnings

​Dogs love to play. They love to jump, sniff around, and hide their bones and treats. But, we as loving pet owners don’t always have time to take them out around the neighborhood or the dog park. That’s why utilizing your backyard as a dog oasis is a great way to keep your dog happy and entertained.
We often think of the backyard as that extra part of the house that needs to be maintained and as a bothersome chore. But, if you take a little time and install an awning, clean up the mess, and cut the grass and take out the weeds, you can make a playground for your pet. You can do a multitude of things to your backyard and create a pet’s paradise.


  • ​Here are some simple ideas:Underground Doghouse: Dig a whole in the ground and put a dog kennel on the top so your dog can have an underground, cool place to rest and nap.
  • Provide Shade: Shade is important for your pet. Provide plenty of areas that have shade so your dog can stay cool and out of the sun. That’s where awnings and other shade structures can help. Installing an awning provides a large shaded area your pet can find his water bowl, food bowl, or kennel and feel safe.
  • Non-Toxic, Dog Friendly Materials: Use dog friendly materials in your landscaping. Things like non-toxic imitation turf, etc.
  • Obstacles: You can create miniature obstacle courses and paths in your backyard. Think of permanent landscape objects like metal arches and even stone pathways. 

PictureRetractable Awning

  • Windows: If you have a fence or gate and your dog is pretty good about not barking at moving objects – like cars and people – then you can install a small window for him to look out of. It’s a great way for you pet to pass time when he’s too tired to run the obstacle course…
  • Fountains/Water Area: Installing a fountain or water hole for your pet. Those can be fun play areas during hot days and a great way for them to stay hydrated.
  • Resting Area: Think about creating an area your dog can just rest. Like a covered, shaded location near the fountain. Use things like grass and dog friendly materials. Think of turf or other material you can designate as a resting area for your pet. 

​Dogs love to be with their humans so the best part of your pet’s backyard activities is simply being outside with them playing fetch and rubbing their bellies. Remember, keep your pet happy and healthy with activities, shade, and proper nutrition.
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