Drop curtains with vinyl windows, the pros and cons of vinyl

February 13, 2019

PictureCurtains with Vinyl Windows at the Bellwether

​Drop curtains with vinyl windows are great additions to any awning or other shade structure, especially for a restaurant or lounge area. But what are the pros and cons of using vinyl in your drop curtains?
First, using vinyl windows in combination with a drop curtains allows you to create an environment outdoors for dining or lounging. The curtains protect patrons from inclement weather and the vinyl windows allow them to see outside and still enjoy the light of the day or the beauty of the night. 

PictureCurtains with Vinyl Windows at the Wilshire Country Club

Pros of Vinyl

  • Vinyl is a flexible material and can be cut to your desired size and length. Unlike glass or other harder materials like fiberglass, vinyl can be manipulated easily to fit your structural needs. Also, this means you can roll up your drop curtains with your vinyl windows when you don’t need them anymore for the season.
  • Vinyl is also cost effective; the material is cheaper than regular glass windows.
  • Vinyl is also easy to maintain. You can wash off dirt and apply polish to keep it crystal clear. Mold and mildew can also be rinsed away and won’t grow as easily as it might on traditionally wood-framed glass windows.
  • Vinyl also offers UV ray protection.
  • Vinyl also offers clarity like a regular window.
  • Vinyl offers protection from inclement weather.
  • Vinyl can also be treated to help prevent glare

PictureCurtains with Vinyl Windows on an outdoor room

Cons of Vinyl

  • Vinyl can get scratched – like glass – and thus buffing might be necessary at times. But, remember, using a high quality vinyl window material can prevent this from happening.
  • Vinyl can get hazy. Poor quality vinyl can become hazy and optically tarnished.
  • Vinyl needs to be inspected often. Vinyl, like any kind of specialty fabric, should be looked at often for any tears or other damage. 

PictureCurtains with Vinyl Windows

​Clear vinyl windows combined with drop curtains are great for restaurants and hotels as well as certain areas in a backyard or even for a patio or porch. The vinyl windows offer flexibility, style, and versatility in a way that glass windows just can’t. Using vinyl windows with drop curtains are often seen for outdoor dining applications. You might also see these drop curtain-vinyl window combinations used in water-front homes and buildings. This is because the specialty fabric the curtains and windows are made from are designed to withstand the rigors of the environment. 

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