Entrance Canopies for Businesses: What you Need to Know

August 4, 2017

PictureEntrance Canopy at Craig’s

​Entrance canopies are great addition to any business. These shade structures are designed to cover a walkway or other entryway and extend your businesses entrance. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing to look at, entrance canopies add a level of design to your business that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

PictureEntrance Canopy at Faith and Flower

​Here’s a quick list of things you should know about entrance canopies for businesses:
·      Advertising Space: Entrance canopies provide you with space to print your logo or ad on. In fact, you often see canopies with a company’s name, graphic design, or ad printed on it. These canopies stand out and offer you more bang for your buck when you install one; remember, these canopies also provide shade and an extension of your business’ entry way.
·      Canopies are Different than Awnings: Not to be mistaken as an awning, canopies are different and offer more space, width, and length than a traditional awning. Canopies can be freestanding. Or if use in an entryway, canopies can be mounted to the building/structure.  
·      Versatility: Entrance canopies can be designed with not just fabric, but other materials that can up the level of design. Think aluminum or metal lettering that stands up on the edge of the canopy or even lighting on the frame.
·      Architectural Design: Entrance canopies can be made into different shapes and sizes. For instance, suing curves and lines in the frame is another way of adding a level of design to your building or business that is different than just an awning. 

PictureApartment Entrance Canopy

​Entrance canopies offer shade, design, ad space, and more for your business. These versatile shade structures are also excellent choices for restaurants and stores who need something a little extra to stand out from the neighboring competition.
Keep in mind, entrance canopies can be simple – from fabric structures to metal and lighting incorporated designs – to complex architectural constructions. Remember, ask your local awning shop to see how they can help you with your next canopy project. Keep in mind, if you’re not sure if an entrance canopy or awning is right for your business, you can always have the options rendered and then choose which one suits your needs. 

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