Freestanding Slide-on-Wire Awnings: What are they?

May 17, 2017

​Awnings, we know what they are and that they provide protection from the elements. But what are freestanding slide-on-wire awnings? It’s a mouthful to be sure, but these beautiful shade structures provide flexibility and creative freedom for your home, restaurant, patio, or other outdoor area.

PictureSlide Wire Awnings on a Steel Frame

​So how do these cool looking awnings work? Well, let’s break it down into parts.
·      Freestanding Frame: This frame is not mounted to a wall, building, or roof. Instead, the freestanding frame is made of sturdy materials designed to withstand the wind, rain, and sun while not attached to a building. The frame is typically bolted to the ground. Or the frame can be installed to a preexisting wood trellis or pergola.
·      Fabric Pieces: The textiles that make up the fabric panel pieces of the awning are designed specifically for outdoor use. The fabric pieces tend to be square or rectangular and concave downward to create a designer look and feel to your shade structure.
·      Wire/Cables: The wire or cable of the freestanding slide-on-wire awning is where this structure gets its name. The wire serves as the canvas for the fabric pieces. The pieces are strung onto the wires and can be slid back and forth.
·      Hardware: These are the grommets, screws, washers, snaps, and other pieces that hold the frame and fabric in place. 

PictureSlide Wire Awnings on a Freestanding Pergola

So how are freestanding slide-on-wire awnings different from attached units? The answer is straightforward. Freestanding slide-on-wire awnings offer you the ability to create a new space in your backyard, front yard, or other outdoor area that is not attached to your building. The slide-on-wire component allows you the flexibility of controlling the amount of shade you want for your lounge space. With a freestanding awning, your outdoor lounge area takes on the look and feel of a mini-getaway spot. 

PictureSlide Wire Awnings

​So, what kind of spaces or are areas can you utilize a freestanding slide-on-wire awning? Here’s a quick list:
·      BBQ Area: you can BBQ in your lounge/shaded area and not worry about the smoke because you can slide the fabric pieces back and away so that the smoke can pass through without damaging the textile. Then when you’re finished cooking, you can put those panels back out to shade you and your family while you eat.
·      Pool Side Lounge Area: creating a space for you to lounge by the pool is an excellent way to set your backyard apart from the norm. By using a freestanding slide-on-wire awning you can install it next to your pool and lounge by the cool water; it would be like being at a hotel.
·      Dining Area: you create an outdoor dining experience – like at a restaurant – without leaving the house by putting up a freestanding slide-on-wire awning and getting some outdoor dining furniture. Imagine eating a meal on a nice evening in the summer with your family and not being bothered the crowds and noise of restaurants.
·      Reading/Leisure Area: think of outdoor furniture and torches for your evening leisure. Or relaxing during the day while reading a book. 

​As you can see, freestanding slide-on-wire awnings create an ambiance that are more akin to places you might see or lounge in at hotels and other hospitality venues. These excellent shade structures are perfect for backyards.
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