How Rain and Moisture Affect Awnings 

January 16, 2017

​It’s the rainy season! Water and moisture are pooling outside and collecting in crevices, nooks, and crannies. What does all this water mean for your awning? Does it even matter?
When the weather turns and water douses your awning, it can create problems if you don’t properly take care of your shade structure. When it rains, your awning is getting a free cleaning but it’s also collecting water and moisture as well random debris that is gets blown onto it during a storm. So how does this affect your awning?

  • Moisture build up can lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Debris left on an awning can eventually tear the textile.
  • Water can stain your fabric or even cause color fading if left standing.
  • If water pools on top of your awning, it can become a breeding ground later for mosquitos or other bugs.
  • Water can also deteriorate the fabric by causing its fibers to break down which can lead to rips and scratches.
  • Rust on your awning frame can develop from too much water or moisture. Check it often. If you see any rust, clean it right away and call your awning installer to make sure you’re using the right product for the job. 

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Spear Awning

​The list above is just a few of the many things that can happen when rain and moisture build up and affect your awning. That’s why it’s important to keep your awning clean and to inspect it often, especially after a storm. Look for debris, wipe off water, and make sure moisture isn’t collecting. If you see signs of mildew or mold, clean it right away with an awning cleaner or spray that is approved by your manufacturer.
Also, if you notice any rips or tears, have them repaired as soon as possible. Call your awning installer for help. And keep in mind, if your awning is already starting to fade or deteriorate, you can always have it “recovered” instead of buying a whole new one. 
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