Installing Drop Shades & Drop Curtains for Complete Weather Coverage

March 8, 2017

​When it comes to shade, we all think of a simple overhead covering like an awning and that’s it. However, there are several creative, unique ways to create shade for your business or home. In fact, the use of drop shades and curtains in shade structures is a great way to enhance the experience of customers and diners at your business.

PictureDrop Shades

But before continuing, what are drop shades and drop curtains? How are these even considered shade structures? Drop shades and drop curtains are basically extensions of an existing structure like an awning or patio cover. These extensions create an enclosed environment that protect people from the sun and inclement weather.
For example, if you have an outdoor dining area, an awning is a great way to cover your guests. But, if it rains or its windy, or the sun is shining from an angle that your diners are subject to the sun’s harmful UV rays, the awning won’t cut it anymore. That’s where drop screens and curtains come into play. 

PictureDrop Curtains

​A drop shade is basically an extra layer of textile, usually a form of mesh, that acts like a window. Typically drop shades are attached to awnings or even the inside of a window. These shades are then rolled down or extended when necessary and provide extra shade.
Drop curtains are like drop shades but have a little more flexibility in the fabric. Much like indoor curtains, drop curtains can be designed with folds, ridges, and other aesthetically pleasing effects. Drop curtains can be tied together when not in use. 

PictureDrop Curtains

​Both drop curtains and drop shades provide protection from the sun and inclement weather. These are excellent accents to any awning. Even at home or at your business, these shade accents bring out your creative side, provide an ambiance for your guests, and protect them from the wind, rain, and sunlight.
Remember, your awning is versatile. Also, remember that drop shades are a great way to keep your business cool and shaded without having to install an awning. Finally, you can always consult your local awning shop for more information about these creative, fun shade options. 

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