Maintaining Commercial Awnings: What you Need to Know

November 23, 2018

​Commercial Awnings are a different beast than your run-of-the-mill residential shade structure. Commercial awnings are different in scale and style and take a different kind of abuse. Maintaining a commercial awning requires a little more knowledge and care.

PictureStationary Awning at Pollen

​​First, it’s important to ALWAYS inspect your commercial awning. Look for rips, tears, and unusual things, especially if you have an awning over an outdoor dining area. For restaurant commercial awnings, it’s important to check for not just the standard things like mold and mildew, but to look for punctures, and even things like stuck on food (you’d be surprised how often this happens). 

PictureSlide Wire Awnings At Cafe Botanica

​Oddities aside, here’s a quick rundown on how to generally maintain your commercial awnings:

  • Clean: Use a mild soap and soft bristle brush to clean your awning.
  • Inspect Monthly or Weekly: Look at your awning for any damage or rips. Checking a commercial awning weekly is ideal.
  • Replace: If your fabric is fading, replace it! If your frame is aging and rusting, replace it!
  • Rinse: Hose your awning down at the beginning of the day to remove dirt and dust.
  • Remove Debris: Look for branches, rocks, and other debris that might get caught on, in, or around your awning and remove them.
  • Keep it Clear: Make sure there are no plants or other sharp objects near the awning. You don’t want the structure to get damaged.

PictureAwning at Harajuku Taproom

​​Commercial awnings with graphics should also be periodically checked for damage to the logo and for color fading. Remember, you can always call your local awning professional to come and check out your awning to see if it needs repairs or fixing up. 

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