October 28th, 2019

October 28, 2019


Fall is here and the cool weather, the rain, and the shorter days are welcome after a long, hot summer. But just because it’s cooler doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be vigilant about your dog’s safety in your own backyard.
It may seem strange to think that the fall season can bring dangers to your pet. But it’s important to know that there are many things that can harm your dog in the fall. Check out some of the things we think you should be aware of: 

·      Awnings to Protect from the Rain: Consider installing an awning to create a safe, protected area for your pet if you leave him/her in the backyard. The awning can protect your dog from the rain and be the designated area for your little buddy during inclement weather.
·      Puddles: Standing puddles of water can be fun to splash in, but remember, these can contain bugs and other chemicals that have run off from your garden (pesticides) and thus, can harm your pet. Be sure to clear puddles of water after it rains.
·      Wild Mushrooms: Check your grass, your yards, and even along the edges of your fences for wild mushrooms and other vegetation. Some mushrooms are poisonous or harmful to your dog. Diarrhea and other ailments can be cause by these seemingly innocuous mushrooms. So remember to pull them out if you see them growing.
·      Leaf Piles: Might seem like a great idea to let your dog jump in that pile of leaves and frolic about. But the reality is, these leaves, especially if they’re left to rot, can be harmful to your pet. Toxins can build up in these piles and cause your pet to have seizures and other ailments. So be sure to clean up the leaves ASAP and give your dog a fun toy to play with instead of that deciduous pile.
·      Cool Weather: If you have a lapdog or a pet that just doesn’t go outside, you might want to consider buying “clothes” for him or her for warmth.  Some dogs need that extra sweater to stay warm because they’re not built to be outside all the time. (Think of maltipoos and other small dog breeds).
·      Decorations: If you decorate, be sure your dog can’t get at them or at least, the decorations are big and strong enough that your dog can’t eat them. Remember, fall decorations often contain glitter, glue, and other materials that can hurt your dog’s delicate tummy. So be sure your decorations are out of reach or sturdy. 
​Fall is a great season to cuddle with your pet and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and relax. Keeping your pet safe from the potential harms of the fall season will give you some peace of mind as you deal with the crazy that comes with the fall holiday season. (You can check that concern off your box).
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