Outdoor Dining Enclosures: How they Work

December 4, 2018

PicturePatio Curtains at the Bellwether

​Most of us have enjoyed an outdoor dining experience at a restaurant we love. During the winter, sitting outside is still an option, especially when there are enclosures that keep you warm and protected from inclement weather. 

PicturePatio Curtains at the Wilshire Country Club

​So, what our outdoor dining enclosures and how do they work? For starters, outdoor dining enclosures come in different types and construction. Some are made from vinyl, others are made from acrylics, while others are made from polyvinyl materials. Enclosures also come in different styles:

  • Curtains: Just like what you would see indoors, outdoor curtains for dining areas are designed to close and keep out wind, rain, and sun while guests enjoy their meals. Curtains can vary in size and color and the enclosures add an elegant touch.

PicturePatio Curtains at PS 818

  • Clear Vinyl Windows: Some dining enclosures are constructed using clear vinyl windows. The windows are designed to surround the dining area and allow patrons to view the outside will still being protected from the elements. The windows are flexible and can be retracted or rolled up when not in use.
  • Combination: Some outdoor enclosures use a combination of clear vinyl windows and other materials to create an intimate dining atmosphere. The combination of vinyl windows and specialty fabrics create an extension of your building that is attractive and useful.

PicturePatio Curtains on an Outdoor Room

​Outdoor dining enclosures are designed to provide guests protection from the weather and UV rays. The enclosures act like an extended arm of your restaurant allowing for more tables and seats, and thus, revenue generating space. The enclosures also help attract attention to your business. The enclosures can include graphic artwork and emblems that represent your business and capture the attention foot traffic. Thus, investing in an outdoor dining enclosure can help you increase your restaurant’s sales by expanding your business’ footprint and advertising ability. 

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