Patio Curtains: Sun, Wind and Rain Protection

August 5, 2018

​Shade is important, and awnings are one of the best ways to achieve that for your home or business. But, did you know you can accentuate and further your awning’s weather protection abilities by using patio curtains? 

PictureMotorized Patio Curtains at PS 818

​Before we go on, let’s first talk about what patio curtains are. These specialty fabric curtains are designed for the outdoors and provide restaurant and business owners with outdoor lounge areas and extra level of appeal for diners and customers. Patio curtains can be used for both commercial and residential purposes and are often attached to an existing shade structures like awnings or covers. 

PicturePatio Curtains at the Bellwether

​​Patio curtains can be drawn closed manually or can be automated; it just depends on what you need. So, how do patio curtains provide extra weather protection? Basically, patio curtains enclose your outdoor space that is already shaded by an awning or other shade structure. 

PicturePatio Curtains

​The way that patio curtains help protect you more from weather is by providing shade from the sides. Typically, an awning provides shade from above. But, on a sunny, rainy, or windy day, that awning can’t protect your family, diners, or customers from the side. Patio curtains can be drawn closed during inclement weather, thus protecting people from the sides and from above. This means your customers are protected from UV rays and debris that can be blown around by strong winds and yet, they can still enjoy the outdoor dining experience. 

PictureSlide Track Patio Curtains

​Patio curtains also add levels of creativity, professionalism, and aesthetic to your home or business, attracting attention, possibly adding value to your home or helping to generate revenue. These curtains are durable, reliable, and can be installed to existing shade structures. So, if you’re thinking about adding curtains to your awning, call your local professional today.

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