Pergolas: What are They?

March 26, 2016

We’re all familiar with awnings and patio covers. We know that there are a variety of shade structures that we can choose from including drop screens, slide-on-wire awnings, and more. But, what exactly is a pergola? 
​Traditionally, a pergola is an archway that utilizes plants or other materials to create a shaded framework used in walkways or parks. Think of it like an outdoor structure that is covered in plants to give you shade. Pergolas have been used throughout history and while not a common term, we see them at parks, hotels, backyards, and other walkways.
Today, pergolas are created using a variety of materials including aluminum and fiberglass for the frame. Also, specialty fabrics like polyvinyl composites and acrylics can be used in place of plants to create the framework and shade desired.
Modern pergolas incorporate different colors, styles, and patterns. The versatility of the pergola is excellent as you can install curtains to enclose the shade structure, decorate it with various fabrics or create a stunning lattice framework of lowers and vines.

​Also, pergolas are like backyard playhouses for adults. You can create a lounge area by putting in furniture and other leisure items. You can create a little getaway in your own backyard or for guests where you can lounge and have a drink on a beautiful spring day.

​Pergolas can be classy and tasteful when designed and installed correctly. So where do you get one? Your local awning shop can help you find the right pergola or at least educate you a little more on what is best for your shade structure needs.
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