Retractable Arm Awnings – What are They?

July 21, 2015

Retractable arm awnings are simple; they don’t need frames or posts for support. They also don’t crowd your patio or backyard space.

Retractable Awning

Retractable arm awnings hang off the side of your home or building using tension arms and a torsion bar that is fitted into wall brackets.  The weight of the awning is spread across the width of the wall it is fitted to. 

Retractable arm awnings shouldn’t be confused with shade sails which use poles and frames, usually are built to stay up year round, and are not typically fixed to a wall. In fact, retractable awnings use either a hand crank or a motor so that you can control it and take it down whenever you want. (Today, most retractable awnings are motorized).

So what are some of the benefits of using a retractable awning? Some advantages of using this type of awning include:

  • Versatility: you can retract or expand your awning for shade or sunlight as you please or during inclement weather.
  • Space: this type of awning doesn’t need posts or frames to hold it up so your patio or backyard has more open space for your family and guests to enjoy.
  • Creative Aesthetics and Utility: you can use different colors and types of fabrics and even add LED lighting, heaters, or drop valances for added effects.

Remember, not every home is designed the same which means the type of awning you use – whether it’s fixed, retractable, or a slide-on-wire product – should be designed to fit your home’s theme. Consulting with design experts and professionals can help you pick the right awning. 


Retractable Awning

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