Retractable Skylight Awnings

September 14, 2019

PictureSkylight Awnings at the Eveleigh

​​When it comes to shade structures, we think about the standard, stationary and permanent fixture we call a fixed awning. But, did you know an awning can be made into a retractable, skylight, or combination shade structure with drop screens and more? 

PictureSkylight Awning on a Pergola

​One of the coolest things about awnings is that you can design and create it into various kinds of shade structures like a skylight. This concept may seem a little odd, but the fact is, this is a great way to create shade for your backyard, business, or restaurant area. Traditional, skylights are installed in your roof. But the kind we’re talking about are the ones that are stand alone shade structures in your back yard or are somehow attached to the side of your building. 

PictureSkylight Awnings on an A Frame

​Check out some of the benefits of a standalone skylight awning:

  • Open and Close the Fabric Panels: Just like a skylight in your roof, you can retract and open the fabric panels of the awning. You can allow as much sunlight as you want, or you can keep the panels closed for overall shade.
  • Aesthetics: Adding a skylight awning to your business or home can increase the aesthetic appeal and possibly the value of your building. The skylight awnings can be designed with various shapes, colors, and sizes.
  • Nighttime Star Gazing: At night, you can retract the panels to view the stars while sitting on your patio furniture, sipping a nice cup of hot cocoa or tea.
  • No Worries About your Roof: Skylights in your roof have potential issues including leaks, allowing too much solar heat gain, and more. But with an outdoor skylight awning over your backyard or other area of your business, you don’t have to worry about any of that. All you have to do is enjoy the versatility of the awning’s benefits. 

PictureMesh Skylight Awning

​Skylight awnings can be motorized, or hand cranked and are easy to maintain. The beautiful shade structures not only provide shade but can help reduce solar heat gain inside your home. So next time you’re thinking about a home improvement project, think about installing a skylight awning!
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