Shade Screens: Lighting, Style, & Temperature

August 9, 2016

​We all know that shade helps reduce temperature and protect you from the sun. But, did you know shade is something you can utilize not only for protection from the sun, but for lighting and ambience?
​For example, if you have an awning, you know that you’ve created a shaded area in your backyard for your family and guests. But, if you shrink that awning down and start thinking about things like shade screens, you now have the ability to control the light in your environment. For businesses, restaurants, and even clothing stores, shade screens are a great tool you can utilize to help add a sense of flare and style as well.

​Here are some things to know about shade screens:

  • They are typically installed in windows of homes, offices, restaurants, and other buildings.
  • A specialty fabric like mesh is used as the screen.
  • Much like a curtain, you can control how much of the screen you have down or retracted.
  • They allow control over the amount of light you let in your home, office, or business.
  • They can be controlled with either a motor or a hand crank.
​Remember, with shade screens, you’re also providing a method of temperature control. How might that be? Well, if you shade your window, you’re blocking out the sun’s heat and light; thus you reduce solar heat gain.
Keep in mind that you can also install shade screens in various colors and styles. You can use a hand crank system to add to the uniqueness of your clothing shop. Or you can have your screen created with a design that matches the ambiance of your business.
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