Slide on Wire Canopies and Awnings – What are They?

July 17, 2015

You’ve probably seen these stylish alternatives to patio covers on your neighbor’s or friend’s house. But do you know what they really are?


Slide on Wire Awnings Attached to a Home

A slide on wire canopy is basically a shade structure made of fabric panels using cable and hardware clips. The panels are installed with a swale-like design. The slide on wire application gives the homeowner the ability to control how much shade or sunlight the backyard gets by simply retracting the panels as needed.

Also, the slide on wire construction allows you to unclip the panels and clean and store them when not in use. Slide on Wire Awnings can be made with traditional awning fabric such as Sunbrella, or mesh fabrics that allow more sunlight to pass through. 

These awnings can also be attached to a building, pre-existing trellis, or made with a freestanding frame.


Slide on Wire Awnings with a Freestanding Frame


Slide on Wire Awnings Attached to a Trellis and Home

The color of the fabrics can also vary. You can install different shades for each panel set creating a beautiful design for your backyard. For businesses, this also means adding an aesthetically pleasing look to your lounge or dining area; it’s a great way to impress customers. You can even install curtains to hang off horizontal poles to add an even more intimate element to your guests dining experience. (See image below).

Slide on Wire Awnings and Decorative Curtaions

So how do these slide on wire products differ from a traditional patio cover or awning? Here’s a basic rundown of what slide on wire canopies can do:

  • Allows light through the swale-design
  • Retractable; makes it versatile and flexible allowing for control of how much shade or sunlight comes through
  • Easier cleaning and storage because panels can be unclipped
  • Aesthetically and unique designs using different fabric panel colors


Slide on Wire Awnings Suspended Between Two Buildings

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