Solving a Shade Issue w/ an Awning and Drop Screens: Our Harajuku Taproom Project

September 6, 2018

PictureHarajuku Taproom

​Last summer, we were presented with a unique project for the Harajuku Taproom. The Japanese craft beer and restaurant (izakaya) is located in beautiful Culver City, CA. When we were approached about helping them shade their outdoor dining area and provide shade for their interior, we were presented with a complex situation.

PictureHarajuku Taproom Drop Shades

​The restaurant was directly exposed to sunlight; it faced west. The interior and outdoor dining areas were also connected with a large open space that utilizes large roll-up garage doors; this makes the area open and inviting. But, the interior dining area was exposed to late afternoon sunlight. After we examined the space, drew up plans, and rendered the various possible installations, we decided to utilize a combination of a stationary awning and drop screens to shade the interior and outdoor dining areas. 

PictureHarajuku Taproom Drop Shades

​The result was a brilliant marriage of an awning structure and drop screens. The awning provides not just shade, but year-round sunlight and rain protection. The awning also provided larger shading from above. The drop screens helped to protect the interior of the restaurant as well as the outdoor dining area and provide shade from the sides. The completed project also enhanced the exterior look and feel of the restaurant with a beautiful red awning emblazoned with white lettering: “A Japanese Craft Beer Izakaya.”

​This project demonstrates that using a combination of various shade structures can create a level of aesthetic that is both functional and beautiful.
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