Storing Your Awning: Tips and Advice

October 7, 2015

​​It’s the fall season and soon it will be winter. What does that mean for homeowners who have retractable awnings or awnings they can take down and store until spring and summer? It means you have to know how to properly store your awning. 
For both retractable and awnings you can take down, you will want to do the following:

  • Brush off all the dirt and leaves.
  • Use a mild solution of soap and water to clean your awning. Check out our article on how to clean your awning for tips on how much soap and water to use: Also, read your manufacturer’s awning guide for care and cleaning instructions.
  • Be sure to air dry your awning completely. Remember, if it’s wet or even a little moist, the awning fabric might grow mildew or mold while in storage.
  • When you roll up your awning for storage, remember to roll it evenly to prevent creases and damage.
  • Check the area surrounding your awning if you have a retractable one and make sure there are no torn pieces of fabric or debris around it; these can get trapped during storage and cause further damage or tears.
  • Remember to clean your awning frame as well by hosing it down and checking for any damage or cracks that you can fix before you store it.
  • Don’t use plastic bags or other plastic coverings to store your awning; they can trap moisture and cause mildew or mold to grow.
  • Always store the awning in a clean, dry area.
Remember, if you have a retractable awning you may purchase a winter cover to protect it during the rainy season. Ask your local awning professional how you can get one. Storing your awning properly can extend its lifespan.
And for those of you have retractable awnings, remember, you can still use them in the winter for those random sunny days; especially for those of you in California! Just keep in mind, you will want to keep the awning clean and dry when you put away again.
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