Summer Awning Care: What you Should Know

June 5, 2018

​Summer is here; it’s hot, hot, hot! So, what does this mean for that beautiful awning you have installed? It means it’s time to do an inspection and take care of this shade structure that’s going to help keep you and your family cool all summer long. 

PictureStriped Spear Awnings

​First, it’s summer so this means your awning has just come out of the cool winter and spring seasons. So, it’s time to inspect it for any damage. Look for holes, tears, mold and mildew, and debris. If there are any tears or holes, have them repaired or fixed by a professional. If you have a lot of debris, lightly brush it off. You might also want to rinse or wash your awning. Use a non-harsh liquid dish washing soap and warm water solution. Scrub your awning fabric with a non-abrasive, soft bristle brush. 

PictureBlue Window Awnings

​​Next, because it’s summer, you want to make sure that the fabric you’re using is UV ray resistant. If it is, great! Make sure the coating is still strong by applying a UV ray spray. But keep in mind, you should consult your awning installer about what kind of spray to use and if you even need it. (Some fabrics are inherently UV ray resistant). If your fabric isn’t UV ray resistant, you might want to consider replacing it. 

PicturePatio Canopy

​​Also, check the frame of your awning. Make sure that the winter rain and wind didn’t damage it either. Sometimes branches, debris, and other material can damage the frame. If it’s just a loose screw, you can fix it yourself. However, if your frame is bent or damaged severely, call your awning professional right away and have them help you fix it. 

PictureEntrance Canopy

​Finally, look under your awning and check for any bugs, spiders, and cobwebs. Make sure you’re using the right equipment, like ladders, gloves, and goggles whenever you are working on your awning. (You never know what might crawl out from one of the crevices or cracks). 

​Now that you know a little more about how to take care of your awning in the summer, let us know how we can help you with your next shade structure project. For more information about awnings and other shade structures, feel free to contact us at American Awning & Blind Co. by visiting us at (Our California Contractors License is #999050). Or give us a call at 800-654-5933. You can also email us at