Summer Awnings and Drop Shades: How to Attract Customers in the Heat

April 29, 2019

PictureMotorized Drop Shades

​The sun is blazing hot and it’s time to think about shading your business or your home with not just an awning, but with drop screens as well. So, what is a drop shade and how can you use it to augment your business?
Drop screens are flat pieces of specialty fabric designed to keep out the harmful rays of the sun and sometimes, if you’re using a mesh drop screen, allow some natural lighting in. Drop screens can be manually cranked/rolled or automatically retracted or unfurled down windows or on the sides of an awning. 

PictureDrop Shade on a Retractable Awning

​In fact, drop shades used in combination with an awning are excellent for restaurants and other businesses. For restaurants, using a clear vinyl drop screen is great because it’s like having a window without the glass. The awning and drop screens create an enclosed area outdoors on the patio or in your backyard. Thus, you’re basically extending your business’ footprint. 

PictureDrop Shade at Pollen in Echo Park

​Customers want to dine outside and providing a cool, shaded patio is an attractive option that many clientele will opt for in the summer months. For clothing shops and other businesses, using drop screens on your windows in the interior is an excellent way to provide shade and natural lighting while protecting your products from the harmful uv rays of the sun which can discolor fabric and furniture. 

​The drop screen and awning combination also provides an aesthetic appeal that you can use to attract customers. For example, you can emblazon your awning with your logo and you can also use logos on the bottom of the drop screens and create a permanent ad. In fact, the drop screen and awning combo is a great way to accentuate your business and make it stand out from the competition.
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