Summer Backyard Décor and Your Awning: Some Ideas

May 29, 2019


​​Décor for your home is always a challenge to think about; from colors to furniture, to other decorations, the options you have are so numerous, it’s like looking at the stars. So, here’s a quick little article on some ideas for décor for your backyard.

PictureRetractable Awnings

​If you have an awning installed, this is a great focal point for your backyard’s overall theme. How so? Well, consider this:

  • Color: The color of your awning can help you dictate the color scheme of your backyard décor. If your awning is a light green, you can choose darker green outdoor furniture for your lounge area. You can also install water fountains that have a slight green hue to match the awning. In fact, using the awning’s color – which should also go with the color palette of your home – is a great way to tie the theme of your house together in your backyard.
  • Shape: Not all awnings are square or rectangular. Some can be dome shaped and designed for specific tastes and styles. This means if you have an awning with a shape like a rectangle, you can match the theme of your backyard with other objects that are square or rectangular. For example, you could put in a dining area with a rectangular table. Or, you could put in some rectangular shaped flower boxes along the edge of the shaded area to enclose it. The options are limitless.
  • Style: If the style of your awning includes patterns and scalloped valances, you can also play with this and include similar themed décor. For example, your chairs and benches can have a similar pattern as your awning. Or, you can create a patterned play area for the kids like putting out a mat that has stripes or dots; this can be a clean play area so your kids don’t get those hard to get out grass stains. 

PictureSlide Wire Awnings

​Backyard summer décor can also include a multitude of games like croquet, badminton, tetherball, catch, and more. You could create a themed box where you can store these games. Also, including things like a construction table for art projects and even building a tree house is a great way to accentuate your home’s overall décor. You can also accentuate the awning by hanging lighting – always check with your installer to see if this okay with your particular awning – or you can also hang plants and wind chimes.
Backyard décor doesn’t have to be limited to just furniture; you can incorporate pretty much anything that comes to your mind. Having an awning as a focal point and a theme setting piece is a great way to start your backyard’s transformation into a fun, inviting place for your family and friends. 

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