Sunbrella’s New Decorative & Shade Fabrics 

May 27, 2015

Did you know that you can get specialty fabrics for your outdoor living piece in a variety of colors and types? Why is this important? Because with variety comes options and with options you’re more likely to be happy with your purchase. (Plus, you get more bang for your buck).

So what do we mean by variety? Well, when it comes to awnings and other outdoor living pieces, you don’t just want to get whatever’s on sale; you want to get something that’s going to match your home’s style and color scheme. Or, you might want something that stands out and has stripes and patterns. Whatever your preference though, just be sure to do your research and find the company that’s going to offer you choices.

Awnings at Craig’s Restaurant Using Sunbrella’s “Unity Granite” Canvas

For example, at American Awning & Blind Co. we typically use Sunbrella fabric for our awning and other specialty fabric projects. Sunbrella has a plethora of fabric color and pattern options. In fact, Sunbrella recently unveiled new decorative and shade fabrics for the 2015/2016 season. 

New additions to Sunbrella’s Patio Lane Collection of 2015/2016 awning and shade fabrics include the recycled Sunbrella Unity fabrics as well as decorative Shade patterns called Sunbrella Alloy. The Alloy fabric has a metallic look that is used to create an architectural component while still maintaining partial shade. The collection also features several new solids, stripes, and textures for added visual appeal. 


Sunbrella’s Alloy Fabric


Sunbrella’s Fundamental Series of Fabrics

Sunbrella’s Alloy fabric has a metallic sheen that is visually captivating and can give your project the look and feel of modern, technical architecture. The fabric is available in Silver, Vapor (which is like a light pearlescent shade), Steel and Bronze. Imagine your outdoor project – patio or awning – with this kind of fabric gleaming in the sunlight!

To learn more about Sunbrella’s new decorative and shade fabrics, click this link to the catalog:

Remember, when you’re adding an outdoor piece to your home, you have options that go beyond your standard colors and patterns. Visit us at for more information about awnings and fabrics or contact us today at 800-654-5933. Or you can email us at