The Big Weather Event El Nino is Coming: Are you Prepared? Using a Combination of Shade Structures to Protect Against Inclement Weather

November 21, 2015

Winter is here! The rain is falling and the forecasters say this is going to be a wet and wild winter as El Nino is set to make this cold season one of the worst in years! Are you prepared? 

Awnings Provide Great Rain Protection

​Most of us are already cleaning out our gutters, trimming trees, and fixing doors and windows. But did you know you can use a combination of shade structure products to help protect your patio or outdoor lounge/dining area from rain?

In fact, for business owners and homeowners, using drop curtains as well as awnings or patio covers in combination can help keep the rain off your patio or dining area.

How you might ask? Well if you use vinyl windows with canvas borders for your drop curtains, you can still keep the ambience of an outdoor setting for your guests and patrons while still protecting yourself and your patio area from rain. The enclosed area serves as a perfect way to enjoy your outdoor area without having to endure the nuisance of water droplets. 
​Shade structures can be used for multiple purposes including keeping water off your patio as well as protecting from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Remember, UV rays are still harmful even in cloudy weather. The sun’s rays still penetrate through the clouds and hit the earth’s surface.

​Typically, you can use your awning and patio covers during light rain weather. But remember, it’s important to consult your manufacturer about your shade structure and its ability to withstand heavy storms and wind.


Keep the Heat In and the Rain out with Drop Curtains

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