The Importance of Rendering & Awning Installation

April 20, 2017

​Visualize. Imagine. See. This is what rendering allows you to do when you’re considering a project like the installation of an awning. This step is one of the most important in your decision-making process.
Rendering allows you to literally see what your awning will look like before it’s installed. This means no regrets. With rendering you can play with the design, shape, style, location, color, and size of your awning project. Basically, you get a chance to make mistakes without the actual physical consequences of installation. 


​So how does rendering work? Here’s a quick rundown of the process:
·      Consultation: Your project installer will consult with you on what you want in your awning and ask you what colors, styles, and types you’re looking for. Do you need a retractable or fixed awning? Do you want drop screens or curtains? Etc.
·      Design: In this stage, your awning installer will present you with a design option. At this point, you can see what your awning will look like. Once you approve of the design of your awning it’s on to rendering.
·      Rendering: This is where you will see the awning design rendered with your building. What that means is your awning installer will present you with a rendering/representation of your awning project as it would look like on your building. The design will depict colors and shapes and allow you a better visualization of your awning. The rendering is presented in a 3-D design that you can make changes to until you’re satisfied. 


​Using a free rendering service like we offer, is one way to ensure you don’t waste time or money installing an awning. Remember, an awning installation is an investment and taking a moment to render your project will help you be satisfied with your shade structure. Keep in mind that awnings last years and getting it right the first time around is important and will save you in the long run. After all, there’s nothing worse than installing a red awning, only to realize later that the color clashes with your building’s paint or your company’s logo. 

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