Using Retractable Screens: Why it Matters

April 1, 2016

​If you own a street front business or restaurant or have an apartment/home that faces the sun, then you already know the importance of using curtains and other shade products. But, did you know that retractable screens are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing shade product you can use to accent your home or business?
​First, let’s compare retractable screens to your traditional curtains, shutters, and blinds. To start, retractable screens look like a see through mesh that you can raise up and down to suit your needs. Whereas, curtains are pulled to the sides and shutters and blinds are closed to let in or block out sunlight.
​​Retractable screens are often used at businesses including restaurants where controlling the amount of sunlight/shade is important for your guests and customers’ needs. Retractable screens are made of specialty fabrics that are UV ray resistant and offer you the option of a variety of colors and even styles.
Curtains, blinds and shutters also offer a variety of colors and styles. Truly, the type of shade you use for your window is really a matter of taste. But it’s important to understand that using shade structures and products like retractable screens is important. Why? Because protecting your guests, products, furniture, and the inside of your business or home from the harmful rays of the sun is essential. 
Remember, UV rays fade fabrics and cause solar heat gain in your home or office. Installing a shade product helps reduce UV ray exposure and solar heat gain. And keep in mind, retractable screens are a tasteful way to enhance the look and feel of your business while still showing your customers you care about their well-being. 

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