Why Vinyl Enclosures & Drop Screens Can Help During This Outbreak

April 15, 2020

The Covid 19 virus has shut down businesses and put a lot of us on temporary suspension of operations. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still thinking about the future and how preparing your business for a new world where we live with this virus is important.

When it comes to protecting customers, who dine or lounge on the patio or other outdoor area of your business, using a vinyl enclosure or a drop screen can help stop foot traffic and other outside folks from peering in and potentially contaminating your dining area.
Vinyl enclosures can be made from medical grade specialty fabrics and can be created with antimicrobial qualities. The enclosures surround your customers and keeps them safe from outside elements as well as potential contaminants from people outside. The enclosures create a complete barrier system that allows your customers to feel protected and enjoy your business’ amenities. Traditionally, vinyl enclosures are meant to help protect against inclement weather, but with the outbreak of the corona virus, now we can use them to help protect customers from outside elements, like a person walking by who coughing or sneezing. The enclosures will prevent any droplets from getting into the dining or lounge area.

Drop screens are great for providing shade and protecting your guests. Drop screens don’t create a complete enclosure. However, drop screens can be used to create a large shield between guests and the sun, and help protect from potential contamination from a passing pedestrian who might be sick.
 Commercial use of vinyl enclosures and drop screens are an excellent way to spruce your business up for when the doors reopen, and business gets back to normal. Remember, staying safe and protected is important during these difficult times and putting up vinyl enclosures and drop screens are one way to help in the fight to contain the spread.
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