Patio Curtains: Keeping Heat in and the Rain Out

June 12, 2016

Patio covers are great for protection against rain and wind. For businesses and restaurants patio covers are a great way to keep diners happy and create an extended revenue generating area for your shop. But, did you know you can accentuate your patio cover with vinyl windows/curtains?

Drop Curtains with Vinyl Windows at the Wilshire Country Club

​You might be asking, what in the world are vinyl windows/curtains? Basically, these are clear pieces of vinyl that are attached to a patio cover to create and enclosed environment for your guests who want to dine outside but still be protected from the sun and rain. 

​The vinyl windows create a sealed space that during winter keep the heat in and the rain out. The windows are clear, allowing guests to see out and traffic to see in. The windows are also waterproof and help keep moisture out. The vinyl windows are attached to the patio cover and can be drawn open or closed like curtains. 

​In fact, you’ve probably seen patio curtains but haven’t realized what they were. Think about a time you went to a nice restaurant on a cold winter day or even a hot summer afternoon. If you dined outside, you probably were dining on the patio with vinyl curtains. The beauty of the curtains is that you probably didn’t even notice them because that’s how clear and inconspicuous these can be when done right.

Drop Curtains with Vinyl Windows at Public School 818

PictureDrop Curtains at the Bellwether

​ Guests stay warm and dry and still get the outdoor experience they’re looking for with vinyl curtains. The rain stays out, the heat stays in, and the guests don’t even notice the bad weather.

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