Restaurant Awnings: What are They?

August 7, 2017

​When you walk by a restaurant, you might notice the beautiful awning that’s providing shade. But, what are restaurant awnings? What are they for? Why bother having one? The answers are multifaceted.

PictureRetractable Awnings at the Eveleigh

​Here’s a quick list of what restaurant awnings are and how they are used:

  • Dining Area Extension: If you own a restaurant, then you know seats equal revenue. Adding a dining area without having to purchase more land is exactly what an awning can do for you. Adding awning means you create a shaded extension of your business. That area can be equipped with tables and chairs for diners who want to eat outdoors; it’s as simple as that.
  • Shade Structure: If you have a restaurant with outdoor dining, like say a hamburger shop, adding an awning provides a shaded area for customers to enjoy their quick meal. It’s a great way to keep customers happy, cool, and fed.
  • Ad Space: Restaurant awnings are great to print on. You can put your logo, advertisement, or a graphic that not only stands out but attracts clientele. This is a great way to advertise your restaurant without paying constantly for commercials or ad space in other forms of media.
  • Architecture: Aside from providing shade, an extended dining area, and ad space, restaurant awnings also offer a level of architectural design that make your business pop out in a tasteful, aesthetically pleasing way. Awnings can be designed to accentuate your building’s shape and color scheme. 

PicturePatio Awning at Maradentro

​​Restaurant awnings are a great investment that can help you generate revenue by extending your dining area or advertise your eatery. Restaurant awnings also come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. You can add on to these awnings with drop screens, curtains, and more to create an even more intimate outdoor dining area for your customers. You can use patio curtains or vinyl windows to create an intimate atmosphere for your outdoor dining space. Or, you can install drop screens for shade protection on the sides. Really, your options are numerous and talking to your local awning shop is a great way to start the conversation about what’s right for your restaurant. 

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