Awning 101

What is an awning?

An awning has 3 dimensions: width, drop, and projection.


Width is the distance from one side to the other.


Drop is the height of the awning.


Projection is how far the awning travels.

Awnings come in many different styles.

Straight awning with no sides

Straight awning with no sides and a valance

Straight awning with sides

Straight awning with sides and a scalloped valance

Spear or finial style awning

Spear or finial style awning with a valance

Concave awning

Concave awning with a valance

Waterfall or convex awning

Waterfall or convex awning with a valance

Gabled awning

Gabled awning with a valance

Dome awning

Dome awning with a valance

Arch or entrance canopy

Arch or an entrance canopy with a valance

Bullnose awning

Bullnose awning with a valance

Scalloped Valance Patterns

Awnings can have a rigid or loose valance (also known as a hard or soft valance). Hard valances are framed with steel so they have a straight, taut look. Soft valances hang loosely from the frame and move with the wind. Soft valances come with a cutout pattern known as a scallop. The scalloped styles listed below are the most common, but we can create custom ones as well.