Awning Valance Shape Options: Scalloped. Straight. Curved

June 21, 2016

So, we know what an awning is; it’s a shade structure you can attach to a building, home, or business. But did you know awnings can be designed with valance options?
Before we go any further, let’s first define what a valance is. A valance is a decorative piece of fabric that is hung from an awning, a canopy, patio cover, or other shade structure. The valance adds a creative flare or aesthetic to your awning/shade structure.

​Now that we know what a valance is, let’s talk about the options you have. Often times we forget that we can create a valance that is different in color or shape than the awning or shade structure. In fact, you can install a valance with stripes and other color variations to give your home a little more pop and pizzazz. 


Awning with a Scalloped Valance


Awning with a Hard Valance Using a Different Colored Fabric

So what are you options when it comes to valances? Here’s a quick list:

  •  Rigid: hard valances are framed with steel so they have a straight, taut look.
  • Soft: these valances hang loosely from the frame and move with the wind. Soft valances come with a cutout pattern known as a scallop.
  • Scalloped: The fabric is designed with a pattern that’s cut into the fabric’s edge giving it a scalloped or wavy look.
  • Colors: valances can be made into a variety of colors, it’s really up to your creative taste.
  • Fabric: valances, like awnings, are developed using specialty fabrics that are designed to withstand the elements: wind and rain, and also UV rays. There are a variety of fabrics you can choose from including poly vinyl composites, vinyl, acrylics, and more.
​As you can see, you can get your valance in a variety of styles and colors, it’s up to you what you want to choose. And while a valance is not an essential part of an awning, it adds a level of creativity and ambience to your home, office building, or restaurant that people will remember. 

American Awning’s Scallop Patterns

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