Awnings for your Business: Using Graphics to Attract Clients

June 17, 2015

Most of the time we think of awnings as a backyard, patio, or window addition for your home. But in reality, awnings are versatile and when used right, can be a great asset for your business.
You might be wondering, how can an awning possibly help attract new business and clients? It’s quite simple really. Here’s a quick rundown about awnings with graphics:

  • An awning or even a drop screen with your company’s logo or an eye catching graphic can attract people’s attention.
  • An ad placed on an awning or other covering is a great way to promote your business without paying a radio, television, or newspaper. Plus, your ad stays for however long you want it to.
  • Well placed and tasteful graphics on awnings, drop screens, or even banner signs you can hang on your business’ building not only attracts attention, but also gives your business style and flare that perhaps your competitors don’t have. It’s good to stand out when you’re on a busy street, etc…
  • Choose the right location for your graphic awning. Don’t put it on the back of your building! If you have a building near a freeway, consider using a banner sign instead of an awning.

So what kind of graphics can you put on an awning or other kind of blind/drop screen? Well, it’s up to your imagination. To start, consider the following:

  • Company logo or design
  • Product Graphic
  • Company’s Contact Info.
  • Anniversary Graphic like Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Once you’ve decided on what kind of graphic design you want the next step is to decide what kind of awning, drop screen, or banner sign you want. Remember, awnings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Go to to learn more about awnings. 

After you’ve decided on the type, shape, and size of your awning, remember to use the right fabric and ink so that your design will last. Keep in mind not all awnings are made equally. Some fabrics last longer than others, some are made UV ray, moisture, and mildew resistant. If you buy an awning, remember, it’s an investment and using quality materials will help it stand the test of time. Check with your local awning shop to see what they have in stock.

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