Awnings, Your Backyard, and Your Pets: Some Ideas

October 19, 2017

PictureRetractable Stobag Awning with a Retractable Valance

We all know that an awning is great for humans: it provides shade, a place to lounge under, something to decorate, and more. But, what about your pets? Most of us have either a dog, cat, or other creature living with us and the backyard is their playpen. 
So, how can you enhance your backyard for the enjoyment of your pets and your family? Well, if you have a shade structure like an awning in place, then you’re off to a good start. Using your awning as a foundation, you can build upon it by adding things like water stations for your pet. (Think like a pet water bottle dispenser your cat, dog, or other small creature can drink from). You can attach it to the awning’s frame at the base. (Be sure to consult your awning installer first).

PictureFreestanding Cabana

​In fact, there a number of things you can do to your backyard that will enhance your pets daily lives. Here are some quick ideas:
·      Houses/Pet Homes: Don’t think just your average dog house or cat bed. You can build a little castle for your dog or cat. For example, you can create a little house for your cate with a stairwell and roof that it can rest on. For dogs, you can create a bigger dog house with its own little patio. (You can pretty much create anything for your pet). Make sure the pet home is under the awning so that it stays cool and dry.
·      Play Area: If you have a shade sail or larger awning, you can put in a play area for your pet. You can recycle some things like old tires and cut them in half to create a toy your pet can chomp, jump through, or scratch.
·      Pen: If you’re going away for the whole day and you don’t want your pets to get out of the house or run away. You can create a closed off pen using an awning structure to keep them shaded and enclosed so they won’t run off.
·      Mini Pools/Cool Off Area: If you live in an area like a desert, this is a fun idea. You can create a tiny pool/water area your dog can jump in when it gets too hot. The designated pet pool can be a great addition to any backyard and really make your pet happy.

​Truly, the options are numerous when it comes to your backyard and setting it up for your pets. It’s up to your imagination, your budget, and your ability to create what you want. And remember, you can always consult your awning installer on what you can or can’t do to your shade structure when incorporating pet toys and more to the frame.
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