Backyard Living Ideas: Utilizing your Outdoor Space

December 8, 2015

If you have an awning, patio cover, or even a pergola in your backyard then you’re already familiar with the benefits of these shade structures. But, have you considered the possibility of creating an outdoor living space that utilizes more than just an awning?
​There are a number of ways you can dress up and your backyard to feel like beautiful setting for outdoor activities like dining, lounging, or even just reading. Here are a few things you could do to turn your backyard into a stunning part of your home:

  • Use a combination of an awning or patio cover with drop curtains or screens to create an enclosed space
  • If you have grass, try putting in gravel or cement or other types of material to denote the lounge area of your backyard; this will give it a distinctive look and feel
  • If you own a pool, installing a pergola or a pool house structure is a great way to add a classy touch to your backyard
  • Use decorations and other accessories – like large clocks or even fountains – to enhance the aesthetic of your backyard setting
  • Add nice tables and chairs with cushions and pillows
  • Use a theme like flowers or a color scheme for your outdoor furniture to give your backyard style and flare
  • Add an outdoor fireplace as the centerpiece of your lounging area
  • Use candles or torches for ambient light
  • String up lights or lanterns and give that backyard a touch of class in the evenings
​Remember when you start using shade structures in combination with a themed backyard setting, you’re creating an area that family, friends, and guests can enjoy throughout the year. And keep in mind, when you dress up your backyard with a shade structure and other backyard accessories, you’re essentially extending your living area. The backyard is for more than just barbeques. You can read, eat, lounge, host events, and rest out there. 
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