Brustor Outdoor Living

May 12, 2015

Did you know your backyard can be an extension of your home? Your backyard can be used for more than just barbecues and parties; you can use it every day and at night. It’s just about knowing how to create an outdoor living space that is comfortable, shaded, and nice.

Brustor’s B-200 XL

That being said, Brustor offers a variety of awnings that are creative including Lean-to Pergolas, structures that create comfortable outdoor living space, and more. Brustor’s products take the traditional awning to the next level and utilize louvers that you can control. (These are much like window shutters or blinds except in this use, they act as coverings from above instead of in windows).

Brustor’s backyard structures can also offer an extension of your home by providing a structure that you can use sliding covers on to shade your family and guests on a nice summer day and then retract at night so you can view the stars from the comfort of your backyard furniture.

First, consider what you want to use your backyard for? If you’re not going to be out there for much and you don’t need anything specific or special then perhaps a traditional awning will fit your needs. However, if you’re looking to extend your living space outdoors by setting up furniture in your backyard or on your patio or terrace, you might want to consider installing a Brustor Outdoor Living piece. Remember, if you’re going to be spending significant time in your backyard or patio, you need shade and protection from the elements. 


Brustor’s B-127 Pergola

Brustor’s B-200 and B-200 XL can easily regulate incoming sunlight with fully automatic rotating aluminum louvers. The structure also has four coupled gutters that discreetly drain rain water into the vertical posts. Integrated screens are also available with transparent windows and optional LED lighting in the louvers or frames.  


Brusher’s B-200 with Glass Doors

Brustor also has backyard shade structures that utilizes this unique louver design which allows rotating by 150 degrees. Using Brustor backyard space products is a great way to enhance your home and extend your living space. Remember, you can use these products for your terrace, backyard, or patio. The unique designs of Brustor products also offer features including but not limited to rain and snow sensors, patio heaters, frame mounted screens, and integrated zip screens with the possibility of transparent windows. 


Brustor’s B-200

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